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Wiki Science Competition 2017[modifier le wikicode]

Hi! i have no right keyboard a few time, so please accept a message in English.

I’d like to inform you that Wiki Science Competition has started, sitenotices have appeared for sure in Spain, Austria, Russian Federation, USA and Ukraine, and Italy will join soon with a massive national campaign.

As a member of the academic committee I did my best to reduce the gap between countries both in the composition of the juries and now in the outreach. I did inform many platforms (enwiki, eswiki, frwiki) during the preparation of the event, now I am informing all national institutions, associations and federations of science and technology I can contact, especially those located in countries without national juries (so, also in Belgium and NL) and I am posting notes on LinkedIn groups everyday, and I am contacting national chapters and user groups.. and so on. That's why I am here.

We prepared banners for many countries but on meta they say it is not wise to use them all, so if you want to use the style and do one here on your wiki for few days, just let us know. In your case the banner would not be not country-specific, so it is ready there. No big francophone country is taking part this year, but I want to give a minimal chance to all of them in any case to be informed. I am also pushing to create a general international category for all left-over countries of Françafrique.

Otherwise, if you have social media and you want to inform your friends and colleagues, the twitter hashtags are #WSC2017, #WikiScience2017, #WikiScience.

Thank you in advance and whatever you do (join, inform, ignore) have fun!--Alexmar983 (discussion) 4 novembre 2017 à 14:32 (UTC)