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La voix passive
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Leçon : Grammaire anglaise
Chapitre du cours : La voix passive

Quiz de niveau 2.

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Anglais/Grammaire/Quiz/Voix Passive
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Dites si la phrase est à la voix active ou passive[modifier | modifier le wikicode]


1 The mouse is being eaten by the cat.

voix active
voix passive

2 The engineer is intelligent.

voix active
voix passive

3 The garage is being built by Peter and Sam

voix active
voix passive

4 Mr G. has got green eyes.

voix active
voix passive

5 The car is being bought by Bob.

voix active
voix passive

Transformez les phrases suivantes en phrases interrogatives[modifier | modifier le wikicode]


1 This box was brought by John.

2 My kitchen window was broken by a child.

3 They are watched by the police.

4 David Copperfield was written by Charles Dickens.

5 Children under 13 are admitted.


1 1.23 million bottles are filled up every hour in Belgium.

2 He is watched by Lara.

3 David Copperfield was written by Simon.

4 She has been seen walking in the park.

5 The phone was invented by Jerome.


1 This computer was brought by Toni.

2 My bath-room window was broken by Quentin.

3 The book is being read by the boy.

4 In my fantasy world, hip-hop is danced by dogs.

5 The library is burnt by the cats.

6 The cat is bled by Quentin.


1 The bike was brought by Avrel.

2 Damien was transported by the soldiers.

3 They are being watched by the security guards.

4 "Jack the Ripper" was written by Simon.

5 "David Copperfield" was written by Simone.

Mets les phrases passives à la forme négative[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Attention ! Il faut utiliser la forme contractée du verbe BE.


1 That paper was cut by my friend.

2 The mouse was eaten by your cat.

3 The dog was stolen by my sister.

4 My book was burnt by my sister.

5 The box was sold by your father.


1 My godfather was killed by a cyclist.

2 The school was burnt by the fire.

3 My room was cleaned by my mother.

4 His bad book was written by him.

5 Her lesson was learnt by her.

6 This car was cleaned by my mother.

7 The bikes were repaired by you

8 Mrs Taylor was scared by her brother.

9 The letters were sent by Amelie!

10 The story was told by M. Lemarchand.

11 The cat was caught by me.

Ajoutez WAS ou WERE[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Insérez WAS ou WERE dans les espaces.



The woman

scratched by her cat.


The computer

invented by IBM.



eaten by a lion, I am so unhappy!!!!!


The fireman

fired by the director.



connected to the internet.


The pupils

punished by the professor.


Today, we

watched by the policeman.


My pullover

washed by my mother.


My dog

bitten by a wolf.


The house

built by my friend Fred with his family.



Your bike

broken by your brother.


The school bus

driven by Otto.


The plane

broken by terrorists.


The gangster

killed by the little cop.


Mona Lisa

painted by Leonardo da Vinci.


The pupils

punished by the English teacher.


My bedroom window

broken by a child.



connected on MSN yesterday.


A new word

invented by the engineers.


These bags

brought by Benny.


My cat

found on top of a tree.

Choisis la phrase au passif[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Choisis la phrase passive qui correspond à la phrase de départ.


1 A Child broke my door.

My door was broken by a man.
My door was broken by a child.
She broke my door.

2 His dad cut the tree down.

The tree wasn’t cut down by his dad.
Did his dad cut the tree down?
The tree was cut down by his dad.

3 He didn’t take the computer apart.

The computer wasn’t taken apart by him.
The computer was taken apart by him.

4 You walked on a snail.

The snail was walked on by you.
The snail wasn’t walked on by him.
Was the snail walked on by him?

5 A child sank my boat.

He sank my boat.
My boat was sunk by a child.
Was my boat sunk by him?

Même exercice que ci-dessus.


1 The professor punishes my brother.

My brother punishes my professor.
The professor is punished by my brother.
My brother is punished by the professor.

2 The dog eats the cat.

The cat is the dog.
The cat is eaten by the dog
The dog is eaten by the cat.

3 I watch T.V.

The T.V is watched by me.
I am watched by the T.V.
I am watched by the actor.

4 My English teacher eats an apple pie.

The teacher is eaten by the apple pie.
The apple is an apple pie English teacher.
The apple pie is eaten by my English teacher.

5 I hate pigs.

Pigs are hated by me.
Pigs hate me.
I love pigs.


Cochez les phrases qui sont à la voix passive

The dog is watching them.
They are being watched by the dog.
A child broke my bedroom window.
My bedroom window was broken by a child.
The dog is eaten by the cat.
The dog is eating the cat.
My mother loves my father.
My father is loved by my mother.
My best-friend likes horses.
Horses are loved by my best-friend.

Choisissez la bonne forme de l'auxiliaire BE[modifier | modifier le wikicode]


1 My bathroom door _____ broken by my brother.


2 That big high school _____ built by Picasso himself.


3 Georgette and Josette _____ watched by the fireman.


4 They ___ bitten by the dog.


5 « Georgette » ____ written by Tic-Tac.


6 Tic tac ___ eaten by George.