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Dans le cadre de mon travail de recherche, j'ai relevé des 'coups de raz-le-bol' et des initiatives alternatives de la communauté de l'ESR.

Il est également pour moi essentiel que la société civile s'en saisisse. Elle est celle qui à le plus à ne plus perdre.

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Previously on some wikimedian discussion on this matter (can't find the URL), I was proposing to enable emailing corresponding authors via the mailing tool of a wikimedian account (in use for notifications).

Pre- established mail would be sent with links such as Email this user but addressed to corresponding authors found in the meta-data or head of the article :

" Dear 'Author-Name',

Searching the references on 'Matter-Topic', indicated on the article 'Wikimedian-article', I found your paper entitled 'Article-Title'. I was impeded in this work by paywalls.

Would you please publish this work in an open archive [major archives links]. Their are by the way alternative way to publish scientific work, direct open access, without author publishing charges : 'Link toward wikiversities scientific journals'.

Nice formulations about knowledge creation and dissemination etc.

Sincerely yours,

{U|the user}} and the wikimedian community."

The contact link would be placed in the reference part or in a template at the head of the article :

"This article does not cite enough Open Access sources. Contact corresponding authors, to free this knowledge and related references.

Click and send from you wikimedian account requests to theses authors to free their work 'Auto-mail-to-LINK'.

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If you are working on this topic, please join an open-peer-reviewing group 'open-peer-reviewing group portal'

If you are from any part of civil society interested in the topic and searching for advanced knowledge on the topic, please join a vulgarization group for not-understood content or a bibliographic intelligence and problematization group for 'non-researched yet' material. "