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Wikimédia France Research Award

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Cette page dépend de l'espace de noms Projet de la Wikiversité.

Please refer to Wikimedia France Research Award, the project page on Meta

Goals[modifier le wikicode]

  • reward research work on Wikimedia projects ;
  • make available research works to Wikimedia community ;
  • promote Wikimedia projects.

Key personnel[modifier le wikicode]

  • Rémi Bachelet, Wikimedia France board member, researcher at École Centrale de Lille
  • Carol Ann O’Hare, Wikimedia France research and education officer

Process[modifier le wikicode]

Award Event[modifier le wikicode]

November 2012 : announcement of the winner.

Scientific papers eligibility[modifier le wikicode]

  • papers published between 2006 and 2012 ;
  • peer-reviewed ;
  • available in open access ;
  • understandable by Wikimedia community (with accessible and accurate summary).

Jury’s roles[modifier le wikicode]

  • vote for the selection of shortlisted papers (total papers submission : 15) ;
  • make avalaible their choice to the community ;
  • vote for the winner (accounts for 50% of the final vote).

Wikimedia community’s roles[modifier le wikicode]

  • can submit scientific papers to the jury, according to eligibility criterias ;
  • vote for the winner (accounts for 50% of the final vote).

Questions open for discussion[modifier le wikicode]

(Please use the discussion page of this article)